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Extreme Tools®, Inc. offers the very best in quality at the most competitive prices. From our standard toolboxes to our top-of-the-line tool chests, all of our products are built to the extreme with quality and attention to detail. Not only do we offer better designs and more features, but we do so at less than half the price of other major competitors that sell the same size toolbox.

Our products are set-up into 5 categories:

The EX Professional Series, featuring the incredible 72" Roller Cabinet with stainless steel top.

The EX Standard Series, including the 11 Drawer 56" Roller Cabinet and 10 Drawer Top Chest.

The RX Series, Combination-Only Roller Cabinets and Top Chests.

The PWS Series, Portable Workstations and Roller Cabinets designed to protect and store all of your tools.

The TX Series, featuring the brand new 70" Pit Box and the 5 Drawer Road Box.

We also offer upgradable faultless casters, drawer glides and additional shelves, which can be found in the accessories page.

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By specializing in high-quality products at affordable prices, we are proud to bring you professional toolboxes that feature several exclusive patents and design features.  There is no other company out there that can compare to our quality, attention to detail, and customer service. 

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